Runtime Model

With the following CMake options enabled:


an executable compiled with FleCSI will have several command-line options available. For example, running the task unit test from its location in test/exec with the -h flag will produce the following output:

$ ./task -h
  -h [ --help ]            Print this message and exit.
  -t [ --tags ] [=arg(=0)] Enable the specified output tags, e.g.,
                           --tags=tag1,tag2. Passing --tags by itself will
                           print the available tags.
  --control-model          Output the current control model and exit.

The –tags option allows users to control logging output, e.g., by turning on or off certain guarded outputs. This is a feature provided by the FleCSI logging utility. The –control-model option instructs the executable to output a .dot file of the control-flow graph of the control model. The FleCSI control model allows users to define the structure of execution of a program. Additional options may be added in the future and will be documented in this guide.